[Hotfix] TeamSpeak Server Version veröffentlicht

      [Hotfix] TeamSpeak Server Version veröffentlicht


      seit heute ist es möglich, einen Hotfix vom neuen TeamSpeak 3 Server herunterzuladen.

      CHANGELOG schrieb:

      === Server Release 19 july 2017
      + Server Query connections now have a combined maximum buffer size. When this limit is exceeded,
      the connection using the most memory is closed. The buffer size is controlled by the command
      line variable "query_buffer_mb". The default is 20, which means the maximum amount of buffered
      data is 20 megabyte. The mimimum is 1 megabyte. Make sure to only enter positive integer numbers
      * Connecting to the server query port, now counts as 1 command, with regard to flood protection.
      - Fix client able to connect with no nickname​

      Dieses Release fixt das Problem, dass sich Clients ohne Name (Nickname) auf einen Server verbinden konnten.

      Zudem wurde eingeführt, dass ServerQuery Verbindungen eine maximale Buffer Größe von standardmäßig 20 MB haben darf. Wird dieses Limit überschritten, wird die Verbindung mit dem meisten Arbeitsspeicherverbrauch geschlossen.

      Zusätzlich zählt das verbinden zu einem ServerQuery Port nun als ein Befehl und wird von der Flood Protection erkannt.

      Da es zu den anderen Hotfixes keine Themen gab, möchte ich hier nur kurz die Changelog auflisten:

      CHANGELOG schrieb:

      === Server Release 10 july 2017
      - Fixed server query clients now honor name bans
      - Fixed assert when client sends oversized voice packets
      - Fixed crash when deleting channel without correct file permissions
      - Fixed permissions issue when creating channels

      === Server Release 9 november 2016
      - Fixed virtual server stops responding to clients
      - TSDNS server now also listens on ipv6 when available
      * TSDNS server Documentation updated

      === Server Release 24 october 2016
      - not logging received packets with 0 bytes any more
      - fixed ftinitdownload/ftinitupload can hang on server query

      === Server Release 7 september 2016
      + "Error opening file: No such file or directory" message now includes filename
      - Fixed server crash when ipv6 client connects while using MariaDB (or MySQL) server
      - Database plugins are now checked more thoroughly at server startup
      ! To fix the problem with MariaDB, the server needs to alter columns in the client and bindings
      table. For large databases, this can take a while. It is recommended that all ts3servers that use
      the same database, are stopped and then one new ts3server is started first which does the update.
      After this, the other instances can be started too.

      === Server Release 19 august 2016
      - fixed a problem where virtual servers refuse to start due to invalid flags or order
      - fixed a crash in fix crash on servergroupautodelperm / servergroupautoaddperm

      === Server Release 15 august 2016
      - fixed a crash introduced in
      - fixed a deadlock in the server causing some instances to hang / be unresponsive
      - fixed a crash reported by a customer.

      === Server Release 15 august 2016
      - fixed several vulnerabilities.​
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