Teamspeak Server 3.1.0 Beta Download

      Yeah, endlich! Angekündigt war die Beta ja schon für Mitte September. ;D

      Nachfolgend noch die dazugehörige Changelog:


      1. ​=== Server Release 3.1.0 12 february 2018
      2. ! Before you run the teamspeak 3 server it is required that you agree to our license. This license
      3. can be found in the file "license.txt" or "LICENSE" (depending on your platform), which is
      4. located in the same location as the ts3server binary (the main folder). If, after reading it,
      5. you agree to the license, this can be indicated in one of three ways:
      6. 1: Create a file called ".ts3server_license_accepted" in the current working directory. The
      7. contents of this file are irrelevant and can be empty. For example on linux do:
      8. touch .ts3server_license_accepted
      9. 2: Start the ts3server with the commandline parameter "license_accepted" set to 1. For example:
      10. ts3server license_accepted=1
      11. 3: Set the OS environment variable TS3SERVER_LICENSE to "accept". For example on Windows:
      12. set TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept
      13. ! New accounting subsystem. Please read accounting.txt in the docs folder.
      14. ! Windows xp and vista support has been dropped.
      15. - Fixed a bug where a channel could be created with a password without the needed permission.
      16. - fixed some performance issues when copying a server group
      17. * Accounting server Documentation updated
      18. + New property 'virtualserver_nickname' allowing to add the server nickname
      19. into the server settings. Changes to the new property are only possible by
      20. users with the new 'virtualserver_nickname' permission.
      21. + New parameter 'wait_until_ready' in ts3db_mariadb.ini that specifies in
      22. seconds how long the ts3server should wait for the database to become
      23. available.
      24. * Released under new license. See accompanying license file.
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