Connection Lost

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  • Hello, atfirst I want to tell you that my first language isn't english so I am very sorry for any mistakes I did.
    I've noticed and saw many threads about connection lost and connection problems with teamspeak3 server(s) but any didn't resolved my problems.
    I had running my teamspeak3 server for 7days. Yesterday my server just got connection lost problem which took about 5secs and everyone reconnected to lobby channel.
    Same thing happened today but not for everyone. I could join without any problems but I got information from user that he couldn't join.
    What's the issue of this and maybe how can I fix it?

    @ps. after restaring the server everything looks like it's working.

    Version: on Linux
    License: Non-profit license
    Ram ussage: 526mb of 1000mb /I am running SinusBot on my VPS aswell.
    Log files from 17.02.2017 and from 25.02.2017
    Sorted by oldest - logs -

    Thanks a lot for any help!

  • Hi,
    first of all, you should fix this connection issue:

    1. 2017-02-17 22:27:57.607508|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::ResolveHostName failed error: -2 (Name or service not known) 1112017-02-17 22:27:57.607596|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::Connect failed error: 1012017-02-17 22:27:57.607637|ERROR | | |Unable to connect to primary address, trying secondary2017-02-17 22:27:57.607743|ERROR | | |TS3ANetwork::ResolveHostName failed error: -2 (Name or service not known) 111

    This means, that the TeamSpeak server couldn't resolve a required domain or it was just blocked by a firewall.

    I always prefer the public Google DNS servers: and

    1. 2017-02-17 13:09:30.458759|INFO |PktHandler |1 |Cleaning up connection because of 9 resends of COMMAND packet
    2. 2017-02-17 13:09:30.458837|INFO |PktHandler |1 |Dropping client 52 because of resend timeout

    Such messages mean, that the client just lost the connection to the TeamSpeak 3 server. It's client and not server sided.

    You should do some MTR meassurements. On Windows, you can download WinMTR ( and on Linux you can install the software "mtr-tiny".

    In order to get an useful information, please start the meassurement in both directions: From server to client and from the same client to the server. Meassure it for at least 15 minutes.

    Do you have any kind of DDoS protection / mitigation? Can it be, that somebody attacks your clients or your TeamSpeak 3 server? Do you have any internet service provider issues in your area?

  • Thanks for your reply Sebbo.
    I do, I am using cloudflare for my VPS.
    But cf is set only for website not teamspeak3 server which means:
    for domain -> cloudflare dns ->
    for tsserver -> default dns ->
    Do you think, that I should set cloufflare dns for my ts server too?

    and yes, there were a couple of attacks on my server but they stopped.
    about the connection lost problem I don't think that half of the server just dropps becouse of their internet provider.
    About the MTR, I'll add here some informations after I did it.
    After MTR I noticed that second position which is outgoing form server to users had lost 3%.
    But just for a short time can this be the issue?
    and what should I do with it?

  • I'm may not up2date, but I believe, that CloudFlare is still only "hiding" the IP address of your TeamSpeak 3 server.

    My latest information is, that it's not protection any kind of traffic, which is not TCP/80 or TCP/443:

    Quote from

    We can't protect traffic on anything that isn't web traffic going over ports 80 and 443.

    If somebody knows the IP address of your TS3 server, he will still be able to DDoS it.

    Regarding MTR: It's important to run it for a minimum of 15 minutes or you won't get any kind of useful information. At the end, you'll always only compare the following columns: Loss %, Avrg

    You can take a screenshot of the result and post it here or just send it me via PM, if you don't want to show it everybody.