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  • Hello TScon Community,

    Herewith I would like to present you my project "Dynamic Banner":

    In the past, one or two such projects have already been presented, in which I was more or less involved. Therefore I was asked again and again whether I could not start such a project myself. After I have looked at it again after years, I have published this time an open source project on GitHub.

    What is a dynamic banner?

    On your TeamSpeak server you will usually see an image in the upper right corner. This is the host banner, for which you can set a single URL to an image.

    With the help of the dynamic banner you can configure a single URL as host banner and store one or more images on this URL, which then rotate automatically.

    In addition, the project allows you to write text on these images. Fixed texts like announcements or information about something or dynamic texts using variables like the current time, number of online clients of certain server groups or client specific information like the client nickname.

    This makes it possible to configure such banners, for example:

    • Banner #1: A picture, on which the current time is displayed.
    • Banner #2: A picture showing how many team members from the different areas are online. (e.g. 1 of 3 admins, 5 of 8 supporters, ...)
    • Banner #3: A picture showing a current announcement like an upcoming event.
    • Banner #4: A picture, where the user is just welcomed nicely. :)
    • etc.

    Feature Requests? Wishes? Bugs?

    In this case I would ask you to open a GitHub issue.


    Feel free to post them in the comments!

    Viele Grüße,


    DevOps Engineer <3

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